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  • Ben 22 August 2017
    Are you bilingual in Spanish? No I am not bilingual.

  • Anonymous Mediation - 12 February 2017
    How does mediation work?

    The mediator discusses with you and your spouse all of the issues to be included in your final agreement, which is called a Memorandum of Understanding. The mediator will guide you through the decision-making process, making sure that you both have access to the legal information you might need in order to make informed decisions. When conflicts arise, the mediator is well trained to help you arrive at a workable settlement. Once an agreement has been reached on all relevant issues, the mediator drafts the Memorandum of Understanding for you and your lawyer to review.
  • Anonymous Mediation - 12 February 2017
    Is Mediation the same as Practicing Law?

    No, the mediator does not provide individuals legal advice or representation unless the mediator is also a lawyer. By being impartial the mediator can assist you and your spouse to create an informed and fair agreement. S/he will also recommend that independent legal counsel review the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Anonymous Mediation - 12 February 2017
    My spouse and I can’t even talk to each other! How can we mediate?

    All that is required is a willingness to look for a fair way to settle the issues that must be decided. You don’t have to be best friends to mediate. Many people find that mediation helps them to communicate better, especially if you have children. Even if you depart as “best enemies” you will have had the opportunity to have your needs and wants discussed, and to reach an agreement that you both can live with in the next phase of your life. Because you’re paying one mediator instead of two attorneys and because you are doing the negotiating and not your lawyers, the cost of mediation is less then half of a traditionally litigated divorce.
  • Anonymous Mediation - 12 February 2017
    Is mediation the same as therapy?

    No, the goal of mediation is to assist you and your spouse to reach an agreement. It is not a way to solve personal problems.
  • john Mediation - 12 February 2017
    How long does mediation take?

    Mediations will vary in length depending on the assets to be divided, if there are children involved, IRAs, Pensions, alimony etc. The number of weeks depend on how long it takes to evaluate the assets, child support and visitation. Normally mediation sessions are not held on a weekly basis, because sometimes it may take several weeks to get the information needed to evaluate assets. The most important reason is how you and your spouse work together, and do your homework.